VacationXP is committed to promoting a positive work environment and maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity and requires its vendors to be committed to these same principles. Our goals are to operate a sustainable, ethical, and fair business and to ensure that those we work with do the same. Maintaining integrity in dealings with employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and the general public is an indispensable part of the VacationXP culture and is essential to providing fair, reliable, and innovative services.
This Vendor Code of Conduct (also referred to as “this Code”) sets out VacationXP’s minimum standards to which it expects vendors to adhere. By becoming or continuing to be a Supplier of VacationXP, Vendors commit to comply with this Code, and VacationXP trusts vendors to do so and to notify VacationXP if there is any breach, failure, or inability to do so.
We expect our Vendors to comply with all laws, regulations, and industry standards applicable to them as well as the requirements of this vendor’s Code of Conduct, and to ensure that their subcontractors do the same. Vendors are expected to educate their staff and other representatives to ensure they meet these expectations and promote the requirements of this Code.
Vendors will cooperate and comply with any information requests or audits of their compliance with this Code. Vendors acknowledge that VacationXP may immediately terminate any contract or relationship with Vendor who fails to cooperate and/or breach this Code.

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